VIDEO: Artistic Goose Paints With His Webbed Feet

Palm Harbor's most famous goose will soon be auctioning his unique art to benefit his home, the Suncoast Animal League.

No doubt you've heard about the artists Picasso and Rembrandt, but do you know about "George the Goose?"

Palm Harbor's most famous goose will soon be auctioning his unique art to benefit his home, the Suncoast Animal League.

George is an 8-year-old White China goose who is also the mascot of the animal shelter. He was rescued about seven years ago and can often be seen around town with Suncoast Animal League Director Rick Chaboudy.

"For whatever reason, he just attached himself to me. So, I started taking him places with me and he became somewhat of a local celebrity around here," said Chaboudy.

Chaboudy said George is very intelligent and loves having his photo taken and being in the spotlight.

"He likes being the center of attention. If attention is not focused on him, he'll walk across the parking lot to find someone who'll give him more attention," said Chaboudy.

However, this silly goose has a few annoying habits.

"He talks to you constantly. Actually, he never shuts up. In the car it drives you crazy, because if somebody calls you and you're talking on the phone, he assumes the call's for him," chuckled Chaboudy outside the Suncoast Animal League, where George was getting ready to create paintings for an upcoming auction.

George's paintings have sold for impressive prices at previous Suncoast Animal League fundraisers. "Amazingly enough, his paintings went for about $450," said Chaboudy.

During our visit to watch George paint at Suncoast Animal League, volunteer Rachel Busa prepared George's "studio" by placing a sheet on the pavement in the driveway, then she set out some non-toxic paint in a variety of colors. Chaboudy and Busa then applied the paint to George's webbed feet and set him down on a piece of paper and let George's creativity take over. After repeating the process numerous times, George's paintings were completed.

Interested in buying one of George's paintings? The paintings you see in the photos and accompanying video will be sold at an upcoming auction. As soon as the details are announced, we'll pass the info along to you.


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The Suncoast Animal League is located at 1030 Pennsylvania Ave. (727) 786-1330.


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