How Much of Life Can You Spend to Change the World?

Ordinary people who have taken on extraordinary causes to change the world. We all have the ability to change the world to make it a more positive place.

Are you an ordinary person?

I sincerely hope you did not answer yes tot his question….I don’t believe anyone in this universe is ordinary. Every single person in this universe is capable of amazing extraordinary things! AND…that means you!!!

This post goes hand in hand with the post Do you believe in a solution this much

There are amazing people that have done amazing things to end the problems of their world just by doing something…..radical.

The most important disclaimer I can add tot his post is…I don’t endorse breaking a law or causing a problem (but sometimes it takes that to make a difference!!)

The first 2 are the famous tree-sitters. These are people who building a camp on or just merely chain themselves to a tree so that nobody can cut the tree, and it also makes a major comment towards the problem of deforestation.

Mikal Jakubal was the first American tree sitter. On May 20, 1985 he ascended a Douglas Fir in an area of the Middle Santiam region of Willamette National Forest that was in the process of being clearcut. While short-lived, his tree sitting action inspired a group tree sitting event by Earth First! activists that lasted from June 23 to July 20, 1985, when two Linn County, Oregon sheriff’s deputies wrestled Marylander Ron Huber from his tree after a day-long stand-off.

Julia Butterfly Hill, an activist in Humboldt County, California became known for her 738 day sit (from December 10, 1997 until December 18, 1999) in a 180-foot (55 m), 600-year-old Coast Redwood tree she named Luna. Eventually, Hill and other activists raised $50,000 to spare her tree and a 200-foot (61 m) buffer around it.

The next man has to be honored. He decided that the soviet tanks would not come through China. As the entire city population watched in horror as the Soviet tanks rolled into their city, one lone man stood up to them…him and only him!

Friar Louis Vitale has protested and said he would not abide by any form of violence for decades. He has created a nonviolent peace organization called Pace Bene which teaches people to end violence and educate others on how this nonviolence peace is possible.

He has nonviolently protested wars, violence, and recently the drone experiments. Unfortunately, people do not heed his peaceful protests and put him in jail…because they can’t do anything else. Interesting enough, when they put him in these super max prisons to “teach him a lesson”, he ends up holding classes, prayer sessions, and even peace sit ins.


Another person we could talk about is Bill McKibbon. He was a scientist who did a lot of research on climate change and suddenly found that we were heading towards a significant problem. He told his superiors, he published his data, and even spoke all over the world about the data…and nobody listened. He struck out on his own and was one of the main creator4s of the original Earth Day. Finally, he decided to create an organization and nonprofit to help the world and help reverse climate change by stopping what we are doing right now. He calls this organization 350.org and he has educated and brought a lot of people together. Is it enough?  Who knows.  But his whole life is dedicated to this ideal.



How much of our life can we spare to change the world?

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