Jet is a Snuggly Kitten Who Likes Laser Lights, Climbing and Playing

Palm Harbor Patch is proud to help the Suncoast Animal League find a forever home for this great pet.

This beautiful boy is Jet Lee, who is a three-month-old, solid gray kitten.  

You may notice that his eyes look a bit different. That's because little Jet was almost blind when he arrived at the Suncoast Animal League about a month ago.  When he was very tiny, he had an eye infection that went untreated by his original owner. He's not on medications anymore, but may always have some degree of damage and will need to be a 100 percent indoor-only cat.  His eyes are healing well and seem to look a little better every day. 

Jet's foster mom reports that he gets along very well now and the damage shows more in photos than in person.  He's able to climb to the top of a six-foot-tall kitty tower, he can chase the dot of a laser light toy and he keeps up with his brothers, Chuck and Marley, who are also looking for forever homes.

Jet is a very sweet kitten who purrs easily and is very playful.  When he cuddles with you, he loves to get up near your face, rub his head under your chin and purrs in your ear to make sure you know how happy he is.  He has a lot of love to give and deserves to have a good home and loving family.

Jet loves children, gets along with other cats and really likes his foster family's big, calm dog.  Jet plays and cuddles with him every day.

For more info about Jet Lee, please call the Suncoast Animal League office at 727-786-1330

Thank you for supporting our animals and Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Beth at the Suncoast Animal League for providing information for this story!


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