Photos: Meet Buddy the Horn-Honking Dog

No doubt, we've all experienced the sound of impatient drivers who lay on the horn. But, that's nothing compared to what a Palm Harbor family's impatient beagle does when he gets behind the wheel.


The blaring horn could be heard for what seemed like an eternity inside the East Lake Starbucks on Thursday afternoon.

The offending honk came from the parking lot and was so loud it made people inside the Starbucks look to the window to see what was going on outside. 

Could it be an accident on East Lake Road or maybe a traffic jam?

Nope. The culprit was "Buddy," an impatient but adorable beagle who was standing in the driver's seat of his family's Mazda with both front paws firmly resting on the horn.


"He gets upset," said Kelly Raymond, laughing as she waited for the Starbucks barista to finish making the drinks she ordered.

"He's blasting on the horn for us to get back there," said the mother of five.

It did not seem to matter to Buddy that one person, Hannah, was still in the car with him. He wanted everyone to come back.

Raymond says Buddy does this whenever she or her kids leave the car without taking him with them.

"The horn is blaring," she said.

The Raymond family did not appear to be bothered by Buddy's behavior. It looked like they found it a bit endearing, because Buddy got lots of loving attention once everyone was back in the car.

Which may just be how he planned it. 

Jason Defant December 10, 2012 at 01:06 AM
The fact that Patch is reporting news about a disrespectful dog owner is pretty scary. Why is this news? There is nothing cute about something that comes down to improper dog training, ack of training, or just downright disrespect from this family. If you have someone sitting there in the front seat, stop the dog from honking on the horn. Train the dog to not do it. It is rude, obnoxious, and it could potentially be dangerous if it interferes with other drivers or pedestrians somehow. The dog may be cute, but please, let's not reward such behavior with a cute little article on Patch. This family should be ashamed they think this is cute and not disrespectful to just about everyone else but them. Thanks Raymond family. You guys rock!


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