Red Cross Survey: Hurricane Sandy, Political Contributions Won't Reduce Year-End Donations

The American Red Cross survey also revealed how people donate to charities. The most popular ways: putting money aside in a canister or giving to someone who is asking for donations in a public place.

Thanks to the American Red Cross for passing along this information.

Most Americans say that their donations to political causes in 2012 and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts will not reduce their year-end gifts to charity, according to a poll conducted by the American Red Cross.

A telephone survey of 1,010 adults conducted in November found that 78 percent of those who have already given to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts say it will not impact their year-end charitable giving. 90 percent of those who gave to political causes say it will not reduce their giving to non-profits this holiday season.

"It's encouraging that people are willing to support the work of charitable organizations even in a year when there has been increased giving to political causes and Hurricane Sandy," said Gail J. McGovern, president and CEO of the Red Cross.

Other key findings include:

  • The most popular ways people give are by putting money aside in a canister or giving to someone who is asking for a donation in a public place.
  • One in five respondents say they've used a charity's website to donate over the past year.
  • Friends are influential in American's charitable gift decisions. 51 percent say they would donate if a friend talked to them personally about a charity.
  • Of social media users polled, 68 percent say they would take time to learn more about a charity if they see a friend posting about it.


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