Super Bowl Unites Americans At Least For A Day

I watched Super Bowl for the commercials, and just happened to catch the game in between. What were your favorite commercials from last night or years past?

For starters, I don't really follow sports, either baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse, beer pong, golf, tennis or any other sport that eat up the hours and fascination of others, but given my flat out ignorance, there is one time of the year that I do actually want to watch a sporting event and that's the Super Bowl.  

While watching the Super Bowl last night I will admit that I was disappointed with some of the commercials that aired.  I only teared up twice, and laughed a half dozen times.  

It's not to say that the commercials were bad, but they seemed to be just that commericals.  I remember Super Bowls in the past where I was on the floor laughing loudly with tears streaming down my face (mainly during the Doritos commercials), sitting there in awe as I listened to the narrator of the commerical reminding me of what makes America a wonderful nation (the Chrysler “It’s Half Time in America” for sure), and watching footage with my heart in my throat as our brave troops were being united with their families and friends.  

During past Super Bowls  I have been moved to tears, uttered cries of joy, and felt a deep pride as I watched commericals that captured what is good, bright and wonderful about this land that we call home.

There were a few occassions during last night’s Super Bowl that I was touched, but not to the extent as years past.  I did tear up during the Jeep commerical that intoned that we are whole as a nation again with the return of our troops and that is most assuredly true.

Freedom isn’t free, and it is their service, dedication, and honor that make it possible for the rest of us to watch the Super Bowl in the first place.  I also teared up at the Budweiser Clysdale commercial. 

As always, Budweiser delievered a touching heart-warming story that made me smile.  Does anyone recall the Budweiser tribute after 9-11?  It’s been a dozen years, but each time I watch it, as I did last night, I am moved.  

The only other commercial that gave me pause was the Dodge Ram commercial with Paul Harvey's narration of God making the farmer, which is so very true.  It is the farmers, along with our military, that keep our nation both safe and well-fed.  

I will also admit that that I did watch the game in between the commercials and I was glad to see the Ravens kick the 49ers butts!  It was a good game and, who knows, maybe I'll take a more active interest in fooseball, err, football next year.

What is the difference between a first and fourth down anyway?! I hear the sportscasters chattering away, and it is really all Greek to me, but I am open to learning.

The moral of my ramble is this, the Super Bowl is the one night of the year we all pause to watch a football game. 

Divisions are set aside (with the exeption of picking opposite teams of course), and we are united as a nation.  The Super Bowl helps us to remember what makes us great: dedication, determination, honor, laughter, and hope.  For 90 minutes we stand together, no matter where we are, to watch the greatest sporting event of the year. 

The Super Bowl and the commericals remind us of how strong and united we truly can be. 

I'm proud to be an American every day, but on Super Bowl Sunday I feel a connection with my fellow Americans, and I have to say that’s pretty damn cool!  

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michael mirra February 06, 2013 at 03:04 PM
I think Americans are united anyway. We are more like quarreling siblings that argue with each other, but we are all one family. Let some outside force invade us & try running armored tanks down our streets & we would forget our differences very fast & unite as the one we are. There is much divide in our country, but we all want the same thing. We all want what we think is best for America, but we see it all from different points of view. We are actually all the same, we just react differently due to the point of view we see it all from. I'm sure there was a divided back in FDR's day with the New Deal stimulus package & Conservatives fighting it as Socialism, but WW2 put that all aside & the American Family united as one. We are divided now because we don't have any real problems. Let some power invade & start burning the houses & shooting people in the street & you'll see America forget to worry about the physcal cliff, etc.


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