Romney Sons Charm Delegates at RNC Breakfast

Ben and Craig Romney's appearance came the morning after their mother, Ann, stole the show Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention.

Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney's sons used charm and family anecdotes to rouse a room of groggy Republican National Convention delegates during a breakfast speech Wednesday morning at Innisbrook. 

Ben and Craig Romney's appearance came the morning after their mother, Ann, stole the show Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention.

"How about my mom last night?"  Ben Romney asked the audience.

"That was something special for all of us, my whole family. I looked up and down the row and saw a lot of wet eyes. I had to fight it back myself a number of times. I'm just so proud of her. She did such a phenomenal job," he said.

Ben, who is a doctor, told the crowd his mother's talent for public speaking comes naturally, but her speech Tuesday night surprised even him.

"I knew she was going to be great. I did not know she was going to be that good," he said, to laughter and applause.

"I love how she painted a picture of my family and my dad growing up. It was an accurate picture… What my expertise is, knowing my dad, what kind of character he has and what kind of man he is. Growing up in a family of five boys, there were certain values that he wanted to teach us." 

Ben Romney also told a humorous story about his father's work ethic.

"My dad wanted to teach us the value of hard work. Something that is very lasting in a teenager's memory is being woken up on Saturday morning, far earlier than any sane teenager would wake up, and getting a knock on your door and it's your dad's voice, 'Time to get up, we're going in the yard.' "

" 'Oh, dad, really?' " 

"Pretty much, every week without fail, we were out in the yard doing some sort of project. Whether it was moving rocks from this side of the yard to that side of the yard, and the next week moving them from this side of the yard back to that side of the yard, Ben Romney chuckled. "There was always something to do and he wanted us to learn the value of hard work, because it had been ingrained in him by his father." 

Craig Romney, who has a family of his own and works in real estate, told delegates how he brought his family along to campaign with his dad in 2008. Craig Romney said by the time his son was two years-old, he had been to 35 different states.

After one particularly long, tiring day of campaigning, Craig Romney told the audience that he and his wife arrived home and slumped on the couch. They heard their son talking to himself in his room and wondered what was going on.

"We walked in and I noticed he had his stuffed animals lined up on the floor. I thought, 'What is he doing there?' I looked up and he's standing on his bed giving a stump speech," said Romney to a laughing room of delegates.

"I never claimed to have a future in politics; I cannot say the same for him," Craig Romney told the audience, who had broken out in laughter.

Security at Wednesday's breakfast was much tighter because .

rick barasso August 30, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Was it held at the 5 cowards cafe?


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