Voters Could See Lines at Polls

Voting in the November 6 General Election might take a bit longer than usual because of many items on the ballot, including 11 Constitutional Amendments.

Here's a warning to voters who are used to stopping by their precinct and spending a few minutes voting before heading to work: it could take a bit longer than usual to cast your ballot Tuesday, November 6.

The General Election ballot will feature 11 Constitutional Amendments in addition to the Presidential Race and federal and state races, a Pinellas School District Referendum and other local races.

Election officials recommend you study the proposed amendments prior to voting. We've made it easy for you to prepare for the election. This link contains everything you need to know for election day.

The numerous races in the General Election mean it could take voters a bit longer to make their choices on the two-card ballot.

In case you're wondering about voting with two ballot cards; the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office says that when voters are finished making their choices they will insert the ballot cards into the scanner one at a time. Ballot cards can be inserted into the scanner in any order.

If you have any questions about the election process, you can call the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections office at (727) 464-VOTE or visit votepinellas.com.


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