Mayan Calendar, Connecticut School Shootings Prompt Increased Police Presence at Schools

Pinellas Schools continue to look into reported rumors of potential violence connected to the Mayan calendar, but no credible threats have been found at this time, schools report.

Although there are no credible threats, as a precaution Pinellas County Schools will increase patrols by local law enforcement agencies around campuses due to rumors of potential violence connected to the end of the Mayan calendar on Friday, Dec. 21, according to school officials. 

The increased security will be in place to make students and parents feel more secure, said schools spokeswoman Melanie Marquez.

Authorities may have found one source of the rumors, which have circulated by Facebook and other social media, Marquez said.

Some Largo High School parents received an email from the school, which read in part:

"The county just sent an email saying that, with the help of the authorities, they have tracked down the sources of these rumors through Facebook and other social media.  The school board and the authorities are taking action on the perpetrators."

Marquez said, she was only aware of one source being found and she did not know additional information.

The decision whether or not school absences are excused on Dec. 21, is being handled at the school level, Marquez said.

Marquez said Friday would be a normally scheduled school day.

Pinellas County School superintendent Mike Grego sent an email to principals on Tuesday, which said in part that school officials were taking the threats seriously, but no credible threats had been found at this time.

Palm Harbor schools, like all Pinellas County Schools, have a security plan in place to cover crisis situations.


  • How Would Palm Harbor Schools Respond to Crisis?
Harvey A. Smith December 21, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Where are the "End of the World" guys with their signs? What a missed opportunity!


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