1 in 7 on Food Stamps in U.S.

Can you feed yourself by spending just $30.89 per week for food. Are you creative enough to succeed or will you fail?

One person in seven.  That is the number of people on “food stamps.” Mr. Gingrich to the contrary you can’t use food stamps to go to Hawaii.

To be correct the program is named the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. What SNAP does is help to fifteen percent of the population of our country put food on their table.  These are people who can not afford to buy food for themselves.  Is the program perfect?  No.  Are there instants of fraud, likely yes.  “Over 98% of those receiving SNAP benefits are eligible and payment accuracy was 96.19%.”  The numbers demonstrate that the frequency of fraud is very low.    

What is your guess as to what the eligibility threshold is for a single individual. How much money does a single person need to make or rather not make to be eligible for SNAP?  Five hundred dollars a week?  More? Less? The median household income in our area is $55,700 per year, which would be about nine hundred dollars a week.

In order to qualify for SNAP an individual would make less than $209 per week. For each additional person in the household the threshold increases by $72 per week.

Let’s assume that you qualify, what do you get in return?  What do you think the benefit amount is?  The average grocery bill for a single person with a moderate budget is about fifty five dollars per week. The benefit amount you might get from SNAP is on average is thirty dollars and eighty nine cents a week for a single person.  

Can you feed yourself on that amount per week?  Mario Batali accepted the challenge, can you ?? Will you ?? Are you creative enough to succeed?  Or will you fail?   

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Justice Forall May 22, 2012 at 05:32 PM
I think some people need help and therefore should receive help BUT if someone is already receiving assistance they have NO business having more children. New Jersey has a rule... if you receive assistance and get pregnant only the original people receiving assistance will continue to receive the assistance, you CANNOT add more people/children on to your case and receive more money. I dont know why some rules are state by state, some rules make sense and should be ACCROSS THE BOARD. Another thing, people should only be allowed to purchase specific food items. When I'm in line and the person in front of me has filet mignon, lobster, chips, cookies and soda and then presents a food stamp card I think, how is it I pay for my own food and have fruit, vegetables, chicken and chopped meat for my family yet the person in front of me is eating like a king???? There are tons of flaws in ALL aspects of our "system" why is it that nobody has the balls to make the changes??
Torrey Craig May 23, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Sir ... Will you take the challenge? Can you feed your family for thirty two per week per person? Or will you fail? Any thing else you raised is immaterial ... can YOU and YOUR do it or not? That is the question.
Debbie McKinney December 24, 2012 at 03:03 PM
IN Florida there is also the rule about if you have additional children they do not make your benefit go up. The most cash anyone can get regardless of family size....is 366.00 a month. That is for a family of four or more.....But that is for cash benefits not food stamps.... Food stamps are a federal program with federal rules the same across this country. A family of two (mother and child) on welfare and food stamps get 241.00 cash and 367.00 food stamps. = 608.00 per month. The single mother is REQUIRED to do 35 hrs a week community service to stay in compliance and continue to get their benefits. This is verified with time sheets signed by the location of community service.That come to just over 4.00 per hour and this single mom still has to look for work because she cannot afford to pay bills on 241.00 a month and feed herself and her child on 367.00


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