"A Man is Known by the Company He Keeps" - Aesop

Mitt Romney, please put down the Kool-Aide and remember the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. Clearly and unequivocally state what your positions are.

That’s a warning that rings from out ancient Athens.  My parents told me that many, many times.  As I told my kids the same thing, you are known by the company you keep.  If you friends are known as liars, then whatever you say will be questioned.  I told my kids often, "Son I will not have you associated with people who bring you down."  Now that my kids are grown, I can say proudly that they are good people whose word is their bond.  

Looking at the current political tableau, I have to wonder has the presumptive nominee of the Republicans ever heard that expression from ancient Athens. Granted that money is the mother’s milk of politics.  When accepting Donald Trump’s money, does Mitt Romney accept Donald Trump’s contention that  “A lot of people do not think it was an authentic certificate “, when speaking of the President’s birth certificate?  

Mitt Romney must publicly and clearly state what his position is.  Should he be elected, he will discover he must take affirmative positions. Sometimes those positions will be unpopular.  Or does he wish to have it both ways?

In many cases Mitt Romney seemingly wants to have it both ways.  When speaking about money in politics, Mr. Romney has decried the outsized influence of money in politics. Or is it just his opponents money?  

Mitt Romney is quoted as saying, “It is something this country needs, I want universal coverage, I want everyone in Massachusetts and this country to have coverage.”  Or where his comments just a matter of momentary connivance?  To continue, Mitt Romney is quoted as saying, “I like mandates.”  

Depending on the forum and the audience Mitt Romney has come out for gun control and seemingly reversed himself when speaking to the NRA.   What is Mitt Romney’s position on Social Security?  Depending on the audience he will say what is popular at the moment.  To an audience of largely senior citizens he said, “No one is talking about restructuring Social Security or Medicare for current retirees or those near retirement.”  Yet one of Mitt Romney’s supporters, Rick Perry, calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme, which Paul Ryan agrees with. On the issue of taxation, Mitt Romney has come down clearly on both sides of the fence.  I’m glad the fence is awfully or he could be in a world of hurt.

Our Bill of Rights takes one page to clearly outline our rights as citizens. Romney takes 160 pages to outline just his economic vision. Mitt please put down the koolaide and remember the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. Clearly and unequivocally state what your positions are. 

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rick barasso June 01, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I think we all know what Mitt's favorite footwear is. You see them here in Florida alot on the beach.


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